Pay attention to the amount of food you eat at a meal if you feel bloated and uncomfortable 15 to 20 minutes after you finish. Some of this discomfort is due to food starting to expand in your stomach as it is getting digested.

You’ll understand this better with this little experiment. Drop a cracker into a glass of water. In just a few seconds, you will notice that it expands, taking up more space. A similar situation happens in your stomach after you eat. The food expands, taking up space in your stomach. Add to this the stomach acid which is being produced to digest that food, and it needs some space too! This is one reason you might feel uncomfortable and reach for anti-acid medication. Ditch the anti-acids. Simply put the fork down.

“Weight! Weight! Don’t tell me!” is the Little Nudge which remind us of the eventual consequence of eating too much.

And aim to eat better. Natural wholesome unprocessed foods provide the best nutrition. To remind you of what a healthy plate should contain, the best Little Nudge for this is “D.I.E/e.T”. (Discover Intelligent Eating/ exercise Today.)©

SPECIAL message for “moms-to-be”. . .

Eating healthfully has never been been more important than before and during pregnancy. The fetus only has one source for all the important nutrients needed for his or her brain development and muscles and bones creation: YOU! If you are planning a family and are a bit overweight, start NOW to increase physical activity to lose some poundage and improve food choices. Researchers have found over and over that pregnancy complications (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, premature deliveries and “c-sections”) increase with pre-pregnancy poundage and excessive gestational weight gain.

The Little Nudge for this goal — “A D.I.E.T. for Motherhood” is what you’ll want on your refrigerator now!

No less important is your diet and breastfeeding: the quality of the nutrients on your daily plate are reflected in breast milk.

If pregnancy is complicated with morning sickness, see resources at

There are many excellent calorie and physical activity counters on the internet. Find one that appeals to you and start using it daily. One that we like is

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